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The SHELLSEEKER TOTE BAG is just a smaller version of the very popular Beachcomber. It shares all the same features in a smaller package. I asked Ned to rework the Beachcomber sizing to match my daily needs, what a great effort! There are eight exterior pockets, one inside zippered pocket, a key lanyard all complimented by shoulder length handles. The SHELLSEEKER is my constant companion, I use it as a handbag as I charge between appointments and commitments. Ned uses it for carrying tools between our homes in Portsmouth, NH and Damariscotta, ME as there is always work to be done. My mother keeps all her knitting at the ready in a SHELLSEEKER. We know you will appreciate it once you have had the experience.  

Dimensions: 11” High by 12.5” Wide by 6” Deep

Volume: 0..48 Cubic Feet

DELIVERY INFORMATION: The Port Canvas Company typically maintains a healthy stock of the Shellseeker and if it is in stock, it will ship within 24 hours.

OPTIONS: Adding any custom options will require us to create the bag. It will typically ship within one to two weeks.

MONOGRAMMING: This product is available for monogramming.