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The GOLF SHOE BAG was designed to handle a myriad of issues. First, it needed to carry golf shoes, contain the usual dirt and grass clippings. Second, it needed to keep the golf shoes separated so the metal or soft spikes don't damage them. Third, it would be nice to have an inside zippered pocket to hold those things like tees, ball markers and balls which didn't make it back into the golf bag. This is the perfect bag which satisfies all these needs. The key is the inside zippered pocket, it separates the shoes and holds golf accessories. A favorite accessory.

Dimensions: 14" Long by 7.5" Wide by 5" Deep

Volume: 0.50 Cubic Feet

DELIVERY INFORMATION: The Port Canvas Company typically maintains a healthy stock of the Golf Shoe Bag and if it is in stock, it will ship within 24 hours.

OPTIONS: Adding any custom options will require us to create the bag. It will typically ship within one to two weeks.