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The GOALIE DUFFEL is identical in size to the Ski Goalie, it just lacks the zippered end pockets. The GOALIE Duffel was originally designed for hockey players with stick ties, but it has become a favorite of world travelers. My husband Ned and his friend Bill Binnie packed two GOALIES with all sort of heavy gear for their Peking to Paris Road Rally preparations in the 1997 Peking, China. They performed flawlessly. I returned from China and Hong Kong with many treasures in them!

Dimensions:  33” Long by 18” Diameter

Volume: 4.86 Cubic Feet


DELIVERY INFORMATION: The Port Canvas Company typically maintains a healthy stock of the Goalie and if it is in stock, it will ship within 24 hours.

OPTIONS: Adding any custom options will require us to create the bag. It will typically ship within one to two weeks.