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The FLIGHT BAG is one of my favorite traveling companions, I rarely leave on an extended trip without it. I have logged over 200,000 miles with mine and it has performed flawlessly. The FLIGHT BAG is easy to pack as most clothes fold into rectangles and the zipper opens up two thirds of the way down one side. There are two interior shoe pockets and one full width divided pocket. There is an outside zippered pocket into which I always put my large adjustable shoulder strap just before I check it. There is another open oustide pocket on the gusset which holds a few small last minute items. Strategically located d-rings make securing the bag with a lock easy. Price includes a large adjustable shoulder strap.  

Dimensions: 13” High by 21” Wide by 11” Deep

Volume:  1.74 Cubic Feet


DELIVERY INFORMATION: The Port Canvas Company typically maintains a healthy stock of the Flight Bag and if it is in stock, it will ship within 24 hours.

OPTIONS: Adding any custom options will require us to create the bag. It will typically ship within one to two weeks.