D M Messenger Bag

Port Canvas

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The D M Messenger Bag: named for DM (how she signs her bags) who is retiring after 25 years here.  Two exterior divided pockets at 7"W by 8" H are covered by a flap. The DM is further secured by a side to side zipper. The backside features a full width zippered pocket at 13 1/2" W by 10" H. The inside divided pockets mirror the outside. A full width inside open folio pocket at 13 1/2" W by 8" H completes the DM. The built-in shoulder strap adjusts from 32", for an over-the-shoulder fit, to 54" for a cross-body fit.   


Dimensions: 10 1/2" High by 13 1/2" Wide by 5 1/2"" Deep