I wanted to write and say thank you for the beautiful job on the bags for our groomsmen at our wedding. Our wedding was perfect and your bags added dramatically to the day! Your bags were a classy way to express our appreciation, complete with their initials. Your bags last so long, we promised them all that we would add to their set at our 25th wedding anniversary.

Lauren B-H Toledo, OH

Gave your bag to my best friend last night, it was the best gift ever, perfect in every way! It came exactly as ordered and thanks for getting it here so quickly. Keep up the great work, service and quality right here in America!

John V. Lexington, KY

We receive many such letters from grateful customers and recipients, it heartwarming to know how appreciated our bags are. We know you will get such thoughts when you give a Port Canvas bag.


Perhaps my favorite story about the perfect gift occurred one day when a grandmother called me. She wanted thirteen different colored duffels bags one for each of her thirteen of her grandchildren monogrammed with their initials. She bought several different sizes according to the ages. She was tired of her grandchildren arriving at her seaside summer house packed in garbage bags and the like. Cleverly, she went on to say that she was not going to wrap a single Christmas present for them, she would simply put the gifts in the duffels.

These testimonials constantly reinforce our steadfast commitment to quality and service – a Maine tradition. Let our products say something about you!