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Tree ClothTM  is a fabric woven of natural wood fiber using unique techniques adapted to textile manufacturing.  Port Canvas has exclusive access to this beautiful and strongly supple material. Our BALLAST BAG is strong, resilient to water and holds its shape brilliantly, even if over-stuffed. 

Sized at 17 1/2” H X 19” W X 5”D, the BALLAST BAG is spacious and exceptionally sturdy. 25” Handles allow for comfortably carrying over the shoulder. Features unique to Port Canvas Products include rolled handles, and webbing all around the tote for more strength. 

Tree ClothTM  is woven by a Maine textile company. Every product ever produced by Port Canvas in its 48 years of doing business has been manufactured in Maine by hand, by one stitcher, one product at a time.  Each tote is proudly signed by the skilled stitcher who made the bag.